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I have been admitted by SNU and am expecting to start my studies from this coming semester. How can I apply for an SNU Tuition Scholarship?

In the first semester of studies, students cannot apply for an SNU Tuition Scholarship. You can be awarded this scholarship beginning from the second semester of the first year of entrance.

Can I get concurrently both an SNU Tuition Scholarship and an outside scholarship?

In most cases, you cannot be awarded two scholarships at the same time. We recommend that you choose the scholarship that offers you more benefits

I am planning to apply for the Korea Foundation Scholarship. Does it cover tuition costs and living expenses?

No, the Korea Foundation Scholarship covers only tuition costs.

How many times can I get the SNU Tuition Scholarship?

If you are an undergraduate student, you can get the scholarship up to 8 times, and if you are a graduate student, you can get the scholarship up to 4 times.
You MUST receive at least a 3.0 GPA to keep the scholarship.

I am an international/overseas-Korean student and have been awarded an SNU Tuition Scholarship. If I take a temporary leave of absence from school, can I still receive the scholarship?

You should take a temporary leave of absence from school after enrollment. If you take a temporary leave of absence from school without enrollment, you will lose your scholarship as the scholarship cannot be carried forward to the next semester.

I am an Overseas-Korean student with acquired Japanese citizenship. Can I apply for a Korea-Japan Cultural Association Scholarship?

No, you cannot. Only Japanese students can apply.