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Korean Language Course


How do I get more information about the Korean Language Program?

Please visit the Office of Korean Language Education Center located at Bldg 137 (Room 101) or visit the website for further information.
Tel. 82-2-880-5488/8570
Fax. 82-2-871-6808

How do I know which level of the program is suitable for me?

I don't even know the Korean Alphabet: You are in the Beginner Level. But don't worry! You will discover new things! You will also learn about yourself and make new friends!

I can't follow you. What are you talking about?: Join K3 Class! Then you will have a great time with your Korean friends! Of course, in Korean!

Are you familiar with specific terms in Korean?: In K4 and K5 class, you will learn high-level vocabulary of abstract concepts and also, understand Korean culture through field trips!

I really want to know current events in Korea!: Sure you do! In K6 class, you can read Korean newspapers and discuss current issues.

Do you know how to write a Study Plan & Personal Statement?: Then, join the Advanced Level! You will learn how to write formal essays and research papers.

Visit KLP and Join Us! Then you will have a richer experience of Korea!