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SNU’s curriculum is classified into undergraduate and graduate curricula, both of which are organized by departments/majors. The undergraduate curriculum consists of general education courses and major courses. Although the graduate program consists of master's and doctoral programs, the two programs are not separated in terms of the curriculum. Therefore, while respective departments/majors may separate courses into master's and doctoral courses, the graduate curriculum does not distinguish them.

Explanation of Curriculum

For specifics regarding SNU’s curriculum, including general organization, course classification, course and credit requirements for graduation, grading system, please download the Explanation of the Curriculum.

General Education Curriculum

Undergraduate Curriculum

Download Course Descriptions of Undergraduate Courses by College
Click the college name, then you can download detailed descriptions of courses offered at each college.

College of

Graduate Curriculum

Download Course Descriptions of Graduate Courses by College
You can find the details of all the currently offered course here at SNU Course Catalogue.
Last updated in 2014