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2016 Asian Universities Forum Held at SNU

  • July 20, 2016
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News from Seoul National University July 19, 2016 facebook twitter
Asian University Forum
Representatives from universities throughout Asia met for the fifth annual Asian Universities Forum, hosted by Seoul National University. Out of the 25 universities that are members of the forum, 23 universities participated in this year’s event.
SNU Economics Professor Became the K-MOOC Star
A Seoul National University Professor in Economics LEE Joon Koo teaches the most popular university-level online course. Lee’s course, Going Into Economics, is one of the many courses offered by K-MOOC (Korean Massive Open Online Course).
Acoustic and Electronic Camping: Overnight Festival at SNU
The grass field that lies in front of SNU's Administration Building is quiet and static during most days of the semester. Despite being called the Student Lawn, the field is normally off limits. However, during the season of the biannual SNU Festival, the Student Lawn becomes one of the liveliest areas on campus, it being the central location for most of the festival events.
SNU Automated Vehicle on Highway
SNU Vehicle Dynamics & Control Laboratory (VDCL) demonstrated its automated vehicle technology on the Gyeongbu Expressway. VDCL was the first research team in Korea to successfully conduct a test drive of a driverless car on the highway.
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