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Board of Trustees



Audit Team

Vice Presidents

Educational Organizations

15 Colleges, 1 Graduate School, 10 Professional Graduate Schools

Deliberative Bodies

University Council and 10 Committees (established by SNU Articles of Association), 13 Committees (established by University Regulations)

Advisory Body

Diversity Council

Administrative Organizations

Office of Academic Affairs Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Educational Affairs Office of Student Affairs Division of Student Service, Division of Scholarship & Welfare Office of Research Affairs Division of Research Policy, Division of Research Support, Research Ethics Team Office of Planning and Coordination Division of Planning, Public Relations Team, Legal Affairs Team, Accounting Support Team, External Affairs Coordinating Team Office of Financial Planning Division of Budget Control, Division of Asset Management Bureau of General Administration Division of General Affairs, Division of Finance & Property, Division of Human Resources, Administrative Management Team Bureau of Construction and Facilities Management Division of Campus Management, Division of Construction, Division of Facilities Management Office of Admissions Division of Admission Policy, Division of Admissions Office of International Affairs Division of International Planning and Coordination Office of Information Systems and Technology Division of IT Planning, Division of Information Service

Supporting Organizations

University Library Division of Technical Services, Division of Library Services, Division of Administrative Services, College Libraries (Social Sciences Library, Business Library, International Studies Library, Agricultural Library, Law Library, Medical Library, Dental Library) Faculty of Liberal Education

Research Institutions

University-affiliated Institute for Peace and Unification Studies,
Bio-MAX/N-Bio, Institute for Research in Finance and Economics,
Asian Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability,
Institute of Greenbio Science Technology, Big Data Institute
College-affiliated 70 institutions Government-supported 52 institutions

Affiliated Facilities

University-affiliated Museum, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Gwanak Residence Halls (dormitory), Health Service Center, Center for Teaching and Learning, Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources, National Center for Inter-University Research Facilities, Language Education Institute, Center for Campus Life and Culture, Center for Human Rights, Archives, Institute of Environmental Protection and Safety, Museum of Art, Career Development Center, Extension College, Academy of University Administration, Center for Child Educare Service & Research, Global Institute for Social Responsibility College-affiliated 16 facilities

Affiliated Schools

Seoul National University Elementary School, Seoul National University Middle School, Seoul National University Girls' Middle School, Seoul National University High School

Relevant Incorporations

Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University Dental Hospital, SNU R&D Foundation, SNU Cooperative, Seoul National University Foundation, SNU Press


University Newspaper, POSCO Sports Complex, Korea Electrical Engineering & Science Research Institute, ROTC, International Vaccine Institute

Last updated in 2018