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Services for Students

Career & Work

SNU has the Career Development Center (CDC) to help students find their jobs/internship. It has three divisions as career counseling, career consulting, global career and career information. Please refer to the information below.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling Division offers various counseling programs to help students to make their effective career plans and explore students’ personalities and career interests through a couple of standardized tests as well as mentoring programs that enable students to network with alumni in the their respective interest fields.

Career Counseling & Assessment: The Career Development Center offers two types of career assessments.

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) helps students to objectively discover their personalities.
  • The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) helps assess students’ interests.

These tests are targeted to both undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students and are offered throughout the year.

The 1:1 Career Counseling: Students have the opportunity to receive in-depth career counseling with experts to solve their career-related concerns and determine their careers paths. The one-on-one career counseling is targeted for both undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students and is offered throughout the year.

Career Planning – Group counseling: The counseling program uses the self-understanding of each participant student as a basis for the group counseling for career planning. The group counseling involves one counseling expert and 10 to 12 students. The program is offered every summer/winter break and is targeted to undergraduate freshman and sophomore students.

Course for Effective Career Planning and Understanding of the Professional World: A general education course (S/U, 2 credits) offered every semester to undergraduate freshman and sophomore students regarding effective career planning.

Career Consulting

The Career Consulting Division offers programs for connecting students with national and international companies, effectively planning their careers, and providing job applicant programs for job seekers.

  • Business Bridge Program: An annual job fair opens every September, where company representatives come to SNU to promote their company and provide students with career-related information. The program is targeted to undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students.
  • Job Application Program: The purpose of the program is career empowerment for students preparing for their professional path. Various It involves 1:1 job consulting, seminars for job preparation, and seminars with professionals working on specific sectors. The program is offered every semester and is targeted to undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students looking for internships and jobs.

Global Career

The Global Career Division helps students become global leaders by giving them the opportunity to visit and find internships at global companies through the Global Talent Program (GTP). The GTP provides the students with global reinforcement camp, online English resume clinic, information on global job opportunities, and global internship programs.

  • Global Talent Program (GTP): The program is divided into semester and vacation programs. On the vacation programs, the students have the opportunity to prepare and visit companies abroad and find internship opportunities. The program is targeted to undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students.
  • Global Reinforcement Camp: The aim of the camp is to help students broaden their global scope through information sessions about job applications and opportunities abroad, and seminars and training to serve as reinforcements. The program is targeted to undergraduate freshman and sophomores and is offered in June and December for two days.
  • Application for Outstanding Global Internship: The purpose of the program is to financially encourage students interning in global companies and international organizations abroad. The application process is done annually and is targeted to all undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Online English Resume Clinic: The program’s aim is to enhance the students’ English resumes and cover letters through professional counseling.
  • Global Information Support and Global Internship Connection: Students can search for global job opportunities by joining NACE, Vault, and Interbridge. The program also supports students to find internships in international organizations such as ADB, IDB, OECD and MOU.
  • The students can join NACE, Vault, Interbridge where they can receive information of global job. Also, the program helps undergraduate and graduate students find internship in international organizations(ADB, IDB, OECD) and MOU.

Career Information

The career information division provides students with information related to career development, career planning, and preparation for employment decisions.

  • Website( website provides an introduction for the Career Development Center, the programs that it offers along with the applications, announcements, important recruiting deadlines, etc.
  • Webzine Publication: Provides information about the programs offered at the Career Development Center and important announcements.
  • Social Network Managing: Recruiting announcements and updates are made through social networking sites such as twitter and facebook.
  • Alumni Job Statistic Research: The Career Information Department annually researches the employment status of alumni to help effectively plan the career direction for our current students.
Last updated in 2017