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Services for Students

Counseling & Mentoring

Being a college student can be an exciting and rewarding life experience. But with that excitement can come stress, relationship problems, academic difficulties and career concerns. This is also a part of college life, and SNU is there to help you out whenever you need a shoulder to lean on.
Most of SNU's official counseling and mentoring programs are run by the Center for Campus Life and Culture(CCLC), established for the very purpose of bolstering students' personal, academic and career potential. CCLC provides the following services:

Individual counseling

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for you to meet with a trained, professional counselor who can offer objective feedback about your concerns. He or she will work together with you in developing new perspectives on your concerns and coming up with new ideas to improve the situation.

Group counseling CCLC offers a number of group counseling sessions that address a variety of concerns. For example:

Relationship Enrichment Group Counseling

This group counseling enhances students’ ability to initiate and sustain friendships and explore the process of relationship building. Groups are typically composed of 9-11 members and last 10 sessions.

Specific Theme-Focused Group Counseling

Theme-focused group counseling helps students overcome specific problems or develop specific skills. The following group counseling sessions are currently offered at CCLC: Communication Skills Enhancement Program, Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Career Counseling Group and Personality-Awareness Group.

Psychological Tests

The Center offers a range of psychological tests to enhance self-awareness and self-exploration. Psychological tests include MBTI, MMPI, SCT, K-WAIS, the Holland Aptitude Test and SLAT. Test results are provided in an appropriate individual or group setting.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program helps students improve their leadership abilities through professional training that focuses on developing a vision for the future and interpersonal relationship management skills, as well as communication and presentation skills. This 12-week activity-based program stimulates self-motivation and establishment of long-term goals.

Volunteer Service Program: "Love for Neighbors"

Love for Neighbors is a program that provides support services for student volunteer activities. It connects various volunteer programs with both students and staff in collaboration with various community institutions and organizations. Love for Neighbors has been a catalyst in facilitating and encouraging the participation of SNU members in volunteer work.

Campus Mentoring Program

The Campus Mentoring Program, sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs, is a program that seeks to aid first-year students’ successful adjustment to college life. In the Campus Mentoring Program, first-year students are provided opportunities to work closely with mentors already familiar with SNU, to help them navigate their new environment. The central experience of the Campus Mentoring Program is the friendship students establish with their mentors. Over the course of the first school year, students spend time with their mentors in a variety of ways-- eating together, talking, just hanging out or discussing ideas they learned about in classes. Furthermore, the program offers a series of mentoring workshops each term. For more specific information, check out the CCLC site at
In addition to these officially established programs, you can always find help very close by, including from your advisor or other professors in your (major) department. Classmates and older, more experienced students are also excellent sources of help, advice, and support.