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Services for Students

Internet & Computers

Internet & Computers

The University provides students and faculty members with high-speed Internet and online administrative services. Most of the online services are offered by the University Computer Center located in Building 102 on the Gwanak campus, and their website provides detailed guidelines in English.

  • In order to use online services form IST, e-TL, or the Library, students and faculty members should apply for their own SNU ID first. The applicant’s SNU email address will be automatically created as upon the ID request. The application guide is also on the IST website.

Online Services for Students

Administrative Services

Administrative services for students are provided via the SNU Portal ‘My SNU’( which supports English also. And an English-language guide, however, can be found on the IST website.

Online administrative services for students are as below.

  • Course enrollment, course change, course withdrawal, course evaluation
  • Application for leave of absence/return
  • Application for scholarships
  • Tuition fee statement print out
  • Classroom reservation for group studying, etc.

Computer Labs and Laptops

SNU has many computer labs which can be freely used by SNU students. All the computers provide high-speed Internet access and are programmed with Windows.

Location of Computer Labs for Students

Computer Center PC Room Bldg. #102, 1st and 2nd floor and lobby
College of Humanities Bldg. #5, Room #110
College of Social Sciences Bldg. #16, M3 floor, Room #303
College of Natural Sciences Bldg. #25, Room #113, 2nd floor
College of Engineering Bldg. #311 1st floor, Bldg. #36, Room #106
College of Education Bldg. #9, 1st floor
College of Business Administration Bldg. #58, 2nd floor
College of Human Ecology Bldg. #13 2nd floor, Bldg. #36 4th floor
University Library Bldg. #62 4th floor
Doore Cultural Center Bldg. #67, 2nd floor

Laptop and Other A/V Equipment Rental

Students can rent laptops, camcorders and DVD players from the University Computer Center. click here

Wireless Internet Access

The wireless LAN has been installed around campus for laptop users. Students can use SNU Wi-Fi simply by logging on with their SNU ID and visitors also can use SNU Wi-Fi temporarily. SKT, KT and LG wi-fi services are also available with no charge. For more information including manuals, click here

Licensed Software Use

Students can download campus licensed software from “mySNU Login → Quick menu → SW Download” or borrow software CDs from the University Computer Center. click here


SNU offers the online support service ‘e-TL’ for all classes open for the regular semester. For more information, visit the e-TL website

University Library

Students can borrow books and e-books through the Library website

Online Services for Faculty

Administrative Services

Administrative services for faculty members are provided via the SNU Portal ‘mySNU’ ( supports English also. And an English-language guide, however, can be found on the UCC website.

Online administrative services for faculty are as below.

  • Course management such as uploading syllabi, recording grade
  • Research fund administration
  • Salary and allowance records

Application for IP Address

Faculty members should apply for IP addresses for their personal computers to have internet access on campus. The University IP address will be given upon request through SNU Portal.

Application for SNU Domain Address

SNU faculty members may request an SNU domain ( when they create new websites. click here

Laptop, Licensed Software CD and Editing/Printing Facilities Use

The University Computer Center provides faculty members with other high quality IT facilities for use for research purposes. click here

Library Services

The University Library provides faculty members with library research services, Internet disks, digitalized contents, etc. click here


The Center for Teaching and Learning offers e-Teaching programs for all the classes open for the regular semester, allowing lecturers to have online communication with students in their classes. click here