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Seoul National University has made promotional videos since 2005 for better public understanding of the university. You can watch and download SNU videos here.

Informational Film (2014)

Informational Film (2014)

The place where academic potential gives birth to creative and innovative knowledge, Seoul National University is the World’s Leading Creative Knowledge Community

Finding SNU DNA #2 – Passion SNU Baseball Team (2013)

Finding SNU DNA #2 – PassionSNU Baseball Team (2013)

If we’re asked why we keep playing baseball despite the endless defeats,
We reply, “As students, we are learning.”

Finding SNU DNA #1 – Public Service UN Secretary General BAN Ki-moon ‘70 (2013)

Finding SNU DNA #1 – Public ServiceUN Secretary General BAN Ki-moon ‘70

“I, as a young boy of just 12, was chosen to read out a public message on behalf of my elementary school…”

A Tradition of Excellence - Promotional Video (2008)

A Tradition of Excellence- Promotional Video (2008)

Seoul National University has represented the highest hopes and dreams of Korean students since its founding.

Vision 2025 - Promotional Video of SNU Foundation (2007)

Vision 2025- Promotional Video of SNU Foundation (2007)

There are hurdles SNU to overcome to become a world's leading university. Compared to other foreign universities, SNU’s annual budget is significantly low.

SNU, Pride of Korea - Promotional Video (2006)

SNU, Pride of Korea- Promotional Video (2006)

The achievements of the Korean people are drawing the world’s attention. At the forefront of our nation’s stance, Seoul National University!

Last updated in 2013